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Malaga - Spain

Sistema Turismo

Rimini - Italy

Training Vision Ireland

Cork - Ireland


Berlin - Germany

ETN Business Lab

Sofia - Bulgaria

Pessoa Academy

Lisbon - Portugal


Rhodes - Greece

From Erasmus+ student project to teacher and adult training courses, ETN offers a wide range of educational experiences abroad.

New! ETN Smart Lab

The ETN SmartLab are project-oriented mobility training laboratories that adopt an innovative approach to internships. These laboratories are not traditional training courses; instead, they combine elements of remote work and in-person collaboration to provide a flexible and international learning experience. Students have the opportunity to work in international project teams, acquiring both cross-functional and specialized skills through a "learning by doing" model. SmartLabs are structured to promote intercultural interaction, innovation, and global collaboration, providing participants with practical and applied preparation in a European context.

Created by Axonforce, the Smart Labs are delivered by ETN Education and training Network in the ETN Training Agencies all around Europe.

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For 5 consecutive years ETN won the prestigious StudyTravel Star Awards in the Work Experience Provider category, in London, joining in perpetuity the ST Super Star Hall of Fame honours for those that have won their respective categories a total of five times, the maximum amount any one organisation can win a singular category in the ST Star Awards.