> Playing 4 Soft Skills - Berlink - Axonforce

Playing 4 Soft Skills aims to address existing needs in terms of transversal skills by introducing non-formal education and digital tools in the context of vocational education and training providers with the objective to enhance students’ awareness and ability to recognise and develop relevant transversal skills.

> MOB4App - Berlink

The Mob4App project aims at enhancing the professional development of
VET professionals in order to improve, manage and support cross-country mobility for apprentices in Europe.

> SkillAct4Vet - Tribeka

Skills Act 4 VET aims to define the five most useful Soft Skills which are ACTivated during an international work-based experience by students who attend vocational educational training schools (VET schools).

Skills Act 4 VET is a tool to help students aged 14-18 carrying out short-term mobility programmes abroad, teachers preparing and supporting the activities and companies which host students to organise the internships better.

> iPAL - Tribeka

The IPAL project is a joint initiative of 5 organisations from Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and Germany that seeks to contribute to improve the current situation at a European level by developing quality assurance tools and training resources that promote the professional development of adult trainers and the quality of adult education.

> DSKILTI - Berlink

DSKILTI is a Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education & Training, KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. 

Managed by a consortium of 7 partners, the project will last 24 months until June 2023. DSKILTI addresses the challenges of COVID19 to develop Key Digital Skills for VET Staff & Trainees for Innovative Transnational Work-based Learning & Internships.

> Youth coops - Tribeka

The project pursues the implementation of innovative practices in order to create a favourable environment for young people to engage in social cooperative entrepreneurship in their local communities, through the aim of bringing closer the youth organisations to the world of cooperatives, thus enabling young people to fully take advantage of the cooperative enterprise model.

> ShowVal A - Berlink

The European Commission thorough the Erasmus+ programme aims to develop the quality & benefits of transnational work-based learning (TWBL) across Europe & encourage greater numbers to take part. The idea for ShowValA comes from research & the observation that the learning & achievements of those who undertake a period of TWBL are often not recognised & do not always contribute to any potential certification. Furthermore, learning & achievements are frequently not effectively showcased by candidates when looking to gain entry to the employment market. This can discourage trainees from taking part in this type of experience.

> YOUTHShare - Sistema Turismo

YOUTHShare project aims at reducing youth unemployment in coastal and island regions of Mediterranean EEA by advancing young NEETs skills in trans-locally resilient economic sectors such as the agri-food production and related circular economies.


INTERGEN is a Strategic Partnership for Adult Education, KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices.

Managed by a consortium of 8 partners, the project will last 36 months until August 2023. INTERGEN aims to design & develop an innovative approach to Intergenerational Adult Learning

> WISE - ETN School

The project #WISE serves the creative and artistic women who have been thinking about their practice as a self-employment opportunity.

> Reintegrate Wellbeing - Berlink

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